In this one we’ll take off from North Las Vegas (KVGT) and head Southeast toward Boulder City (KBVU). On the way we’ll fly directly over the Vegas Strip! Then from there we fly over the Hoover Dam on our way to a small airstrip adventure. We’ll stop at a few places along the Lake Mead shoreline all the way to the Grand Canyon! Continuing on to the Cliff Dwellings strip and HITE (HAZARDOUS). These are not for the faint of heart, I choose the strips using ForeFlight and know exactly the runway conditions :wink: Let’s finish it off at U07, Bullfrog Basin!

KVGT - KBVU - 0L9 - U30 - L25 - 1G4 - L37 - 1Z1 - KGCN - AZ03 - KPGA - UT03 - U07


Settings are as follows :
All Players
Live Traffic
Clear Skies - Static
Server - Southeast Asia

Flight Plan : KVGT - U07.PLN (5.2 KB)

Discord Unicom/Voice :

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looking forward to it.

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:grin: Should be a blast!

Have Fun … Its a great flight.

In RL, Good luck getting to fly down the strip, unless you know this “local trick”

Take off from Vegas North, filing direct Henderson. The only way they can route you is directly over the top of Mc Carran, (to keep you away from arriving and departing aircraft) and that route takes you nicely down the strip.

Then, you need to be Buddies with ATC, and they will let you fly “near” the dam !!

“London Bridge” is down at Lake Havau City, but that is quite a way long way down the Colorado river, ( about 80 nm from the Dam ) and the rendering of the Bridge in MSFS is “Disappointing” – it only renders as London Bridge from the South, from the North, its more like a Black Dam :frowning:

Your Grand Canyon is a far better choice.

Just ghost ATC. But don’t in real life.

This itinerary is scenic and challenging. I’d just like to mention the expected trip duration: The straight line distances between all the stops add up to 410 nm. With the dozen landings, the Savage Cub is looking at least a 5-hour journey. Nothing wrong with that–just not the three hours slot noted in the posting. May be a mighty tailwind will help. Don’t forget to refuel! :wink:

tried flying under that bridge by the dam, didn’t end well…would not recommend that maneuver, lol.
just a heads up to anyone reading prior to the event. it sure looked appealing though.