Lake/shadow in the premium vers. Of Cairo HECA Airport?!

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All in a “disable” folder.

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The areas of the airport looks like under a shadow, with no clouds or a sea/lake.

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Just take off, start or landing at Cairo HECA airport

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Intel core I9 10900kf
Nvidia GTX 2060S
MSI moderbord z490
32Gib Ram
750watt Cooler Master Alimetator

Runnig all in ultra setting

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Microsoft Store Edition

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Cairo (HECA) also has a Freeway running through the taxi way & before you ask, COMMUNITY FOLDER IS EMPTY except for the 737 Max 8 which causes no problems anywhere else that I have noticed?
This is Following SU5 or WU6 as I have not flown Cairo for a while

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