Landing Challange - No more marks on runway?

Today I wanted to try again some landing challanges. However, I see no more mark/crosshair on the runway where to touch down any more - is this normal?

I executed the challenge today and I did see the blue touchdown spot. Of course, I landed a bit short one time and a bit long the next time…o well, it was fun.

I saw this also a few day’s ago. It happens when you try a challange more than one time. At the second try the blue mark is disappeared.

Further bit that helps at least on Asphalt runways. Even when the mark isn’t visible, if you aim for the aiming point markings painted on the runway, you don’t really need the target mark.

You average to excellence!


Honestly, I am very upset about this. It’s a totally unclear (hidden and unpredictable) UI/Game-behaviour to show the marks once and not a second time - And for what reason actually?
And previously it used to work. So at the beginning I thought I deactivated this somehow and searched myself dumb & dumber.
This is a realy buzzkill when starting again the game after a pause.

That’s ok for runways that have these markings. Others, such as Courchevel, have no aiming point markings :thinking: