Landing gear and flaps/spoiler deploy randomly in cruise

having issue where Landing gear/flaps/spoiler deploys randomly at cruise
happens on all aircrafts I have tested so far…

Never happened to me. I assume you did the basics like check your bindings and turn assists off?

yes first thing i did was checking for bindings and no assists are on

Are you using a controller? If so, what is it?

Are you using the TCA Quadrant? If so this is a known problem caused by bindings in the profile for the quadrant Add-On when the Add-On doesn’t physically exist. You have to remove the bindings for the Add-On.

No im using x56 Hotas and Logitech Multi panel

The x56 has a known issue with randomly triggering key presses. Try plugging the throttle into a USB 3.0 or get a powered USB hub for it.

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My setup now is all inputs are in usb 3 hub will try to put throttle unit on seperate usb port

I moved the throttle unit from usb hub and plugged straight into usb 3 port on pc and now it works like a charm thx all for the support and the solution :slight_smile:


I’m having same problem, gear retracts on final on its on, won’t stay down. spoilers extend on take off, when gear retracts camera view in cockpit goes toward floor. I have a CH Eclipse yoke and quadrant which is plugged directly into usb 3 port in PC? The only aircraft not effected is A32X with flybywire mod.

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