Landing issues. Controller Settings?

I’ve recently started having trouble landing. Things seem to be fine during the rest of the flight, but when I go to flare I have to drastically trim the plane nose up, pull the yoke ALL the way back, and still struggle to keep the nose up as I get close to the ground.

I recalibrated the controller. It did seem a be off a bit and thought that would fix it, but I was still having issues. I played around with the controller sensitivity settings, but that hasn’t helped much either.

I first noticed it flying the Just Flight Arrow Turbo IV. I seemed to land it ok when I first got the plane, but thought maybe it was a behaviour of the T-tail, so i tried the Arrow III. I had the same issue with it.

I then went back to the C152 that I have flown a lot. It was a little better, but I still have to pull the yoke all the way back and barely kept the nose up.

I’m not the best pilot, but I don’t think this is all pilot error. :slight_smile:

Anything I should look into settings wise? Or any other suggestions?

Flight model set to modern?

Good thought. I did think of that too and checked. It is set to modern.

What’s your elevator sensitivity?

When I checked after the problems started it was at -40, which I believe is what it has been.

I tried it at -30 and -20 and didn’t see much of a difference.

Sensitivity seems to be not the problem. -33% on all axis for my T16000M.

Difficult to tell for 3rd party aircraft.

Concerning the 152. It’s important that your aircraft is trimmed for a (nearly) hands off approach at ~60kts with the flaps full down.

The lower the trimmed speed, the less pull is required for the flare and you shouldn’t trim during the flare. Neither IRL nor in the sim.

Tonight I’ll try getting setup for an approach farther out and make sure I’m set up as you mention, but that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing and haven’t had this issue before.

It feels like right when I start to flare it stops responding to the yoke and the only way to bring the nose up is to use the trim.

Trimming on an aircraft which doesn’t use the horizontal stabilizer for trimming, as in case of the 152, doesn’t change the pitch/elevator authority IRL at all.

In flightsims trimming usually does change the pitch/elevator authority, but not significant.

The flight model has changed with SU IV and you definitely need more elevator during the flare, but not much.

If I pull the yoke fully back on the 152 I’m not only getting the stall warning, I’m even managing to produce a tailstrike upon touchdown.

Another question is, how much are you trying to get the nose up during the flare.

Some people are giving the bad advice too pull the stick back as much as possible to ‘stall’ the aircraft onto the runway.
You just want the nosewheel to be in the air, so you touch down with the mains first.

On the 152 I’m currently pulling the yoke the whole way back and am just barely getting the mains to touch down before the nose.

In the Arrows I’m struggling to even do that.

I’ve flown a fair amount this weekend with the new update and didn’t have this issue, even with the Arrow, until last night.

I don’t think I added any mods since I added the Arrows, but I’ll double check.

Suggest to rename the community folder for testing. That way you can at least check if the 152 behaves correctly.

Another point is that it happened to me that a few aircraft after updating to SU IV were flying with the Legacy FDM, despite the fact that I never used it.
I had to switch to Legacy and back to Modern to get the correct FDMs back.

Of course there was one mod I added that I forgot about. Not 100% sure that was the problem or not.

I did one test flight with no mods in the folder. It was better, but not great. It was probably within the margin of pilot error.

I toggle the flight mode to Legacy mode and back to Modern as suggested and tweaked the sensitivity on the controller.

Did another flight and was definitely able to keep the nose up at the end! Need to keep playing with the sensitivity settings now though.

go to:
options > assistance > piloting
turn off:
assisted yoke
assisted landing

save changes

Those were both already off.