Landing on buildings with an helicopter

I have tried many types and i managed to land on them

Sometimes the hitbox is not accurate :smile:


Where you can download the helicopter?

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It’s a work in progress but they already did a great job as choppers flight model is not yet implemented in msfs :wink:

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LOL Ive been landing on roofs in the little Cessna. I can land alright, but when I go to takeoff the sim kills me saying that my landing gear has been damaged (falling through roof no doubt).

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Why is it possible to land on some building rooftops but not on others (where you simply sink through the roof)? So far I’ve found no rhyme or reason. Last night I flew in downtown Brisbane, and I could land on one skyscraper, but not the one next to it, although there was no basic difference between them (both were photogrammetry skyscrapers with flat roofs).

Go to Tokyo, there are LOTS of helipads on buildings in the downtown area. Most are marked with an “R” (for Rescue purposes) but I haven’t found one yet that I couldn’t land on.