Large hole in mesh in Spain

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No mods in Spain

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Huge hole in the mesh

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In between LEAD and LEMB just south of Montanchez hill

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Fly there and you will find the hole

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Does that mean you disabled all addons in the Congent Manager and Community Folder, or just any ones around Spain?

There were no addons active that could have affected or caused this mesh anomaly

It looks as if it is just a mesh anomaly.
Its exact position is:
Not much else to do apart from report it and have it added to a
list of required fixes.

Wow, looks like this got fixed in SU11. Thank you Asobo.

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Looks like they fixed much more than that, I have been flying all over the place with SU11 Beta and besides the outstanding performance and graphics clarity I have also not seen any terrain, water or river anomalies, poof, disappeared (all the world updates downloaded for this beta kind of suggest that they found a global solution to the problem). Before, if you were hunting for them it would be like shooting fish in a barrel.