Las Vegas poor scenery

Today I visited LAS and tried to fly around. The scenery is very poor, neither good strip immages or evn Strathosphere Tower not worth a visit. Any comments ?

You don’t have photogrammetry or Bing Maps data turned on. Check your settings.

Then only good at altitude, if you get too low with the helicopter the scenery melts,…

There is Las Vegas scenery for sale, but heard it is hard on frame rates in the sim… Anyone have experience with the scenery pay ware?

The free area 51 Homey airport is really cool, its on the site.


as some users already said, make sure that all online services are enabled.

Please make sure to use the right category next time. You decided to use the SDK (Software Development Kit) - Scenery section, which isn’t too different, but unlucky still the wrong.

The SDK section is used for discussing things around developing 3rd party content.

Your post fits in here:

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Get the payware FlyTampa KLAS scenery from the Marketplace (or FlyTampa’s website).

It improves Las Vegas significantly compared to stock MSFS.

Not sure about it being hard on FPS, I guess maybe on a lower spec system It could be?

Viva Las Vegas:

This should visually enhance Las Vegas very much.

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