Last Update won't install

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Brief description of the issue:Everytime I start up MSFS I get the update screen to update to I hit install but the “install bar” doesn’t progress and the screen goes immediately to the “CONTINUE” button. Pressing it starts the game.

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Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #? Can’t figure out how to submit to Zendesk. Why can’t it be a simple button to select that takes you there?

Servers are down …see other posts

Thanks. How long has the server’s been down. This has been happening for almost a week. One more bit of info. When I check what version I have it shows . So it appears to have installed but continues reporting that it needs to be installed on every start-up.

I think the problem started Friday … some problems with bing data …
honestly I wait at least until wednesday ( after the planned worldupdate ) before I touch MSFS2020 again ( I am on X-plane at the moment :-))

Hi it’s sims I’ve the same problem. I cant do the update my download stop with the 43 part. And I dont know why because all the updates before were ok. If you can help me I will be thanks full.

It could be the Bing Data stream issue preventing it.
There is an unplanned issue that involves that data.
It must be a large issue as it has been several days.

The report to Zendesk is actually fairly easy!
At the top of each page of the forum, is the “Support” tab.
Clicking there opens the support screen.
At the top of that screen is “Submit a Request”.
That’s the spot.

Where do you see this, though? I have issues just trying to fly - FPS goes to literally 8 fps at airports and it’s almost impossible to fly. This has been for the last 3 days at least.

No servers down on my end, just the Bing Data issue.
That issue is ongoing for the last few days.

You’re not having major degradation or FPS loss at all?

Something is up. Can’t figure what it is.

Did you turn Bing Data off?
Not yet, but it could be just the flight I am flying.

Servers are not down. I just completed a 2.5 hour flight, grabbing a bite to eat, then starting another. The servers are fine, and I suggest you maybe re-read the threads that you gleaned this impression from.

Incase anyone is interested I finally got the update to install. Apparently in the last fiasco with MSFS where I had to uninstall and reinstall the entire program I must have not installed the USA II update (though I thought I had). So I install it and then the latest install worked.

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