Latécoère 631 Gauche/Droite Extreme Valve Lever Non-Op Unless Gauche/Droite Central Set to OFF

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Latécoère 631

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The Gauche Extreme fuel tank’s valve lever does not turn ON the flow of fuel from the Gauche Extreme tank unless the Gauche Central tank’s valve lever is set to OFF, then the Gauche Extreme tank’s valve lever will function as normal, however Gauche Central won’t be flowing fuel, as a result.

I first noted this after doing a C&D spawn at a Community folder-based 3rd party water runway with a docking point (so, aircraft spawns in water in a C&D state.) The video clip is after taking off from this point and flying the aircraft.

When retesting with no add-ons installed, per the requirement for the report, I couldn’t spawn in the water C&D and had to test again spawning in the water with the engines already running. I also spawned on land with the aircraft on its trolley. When doing this, I found that the Droite Extreme tank valve lever has the same issue, as well, but paired to the Droite Central lever.

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Gauche Extreme Fuel Flow - Create and share your videos with Clipchamp

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Power up aircraft, start all 6 engines and bring up the power to flow fuel quickly enough to observe usage via the W&B Sheet. Open W&B sheet and observe the first listed “Left Main” is not flowing fuel. Set the Gauche Central valve lever to OFF. Note Gauche Central is now OFF and not flowing fuel, but Gauche Extreme is now ON and flowing fuel.

Note the same behavior with Droite Extreme and Droite Central.

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