Latency and Stutters on SU13 Beta

I’m not using any limits for frame rate FWIW. I can’t get Gsync to work. I think my Display Port to HDMI adapters aren’t up to the task.

i’m having unprecedented amount of ctd’s like never before!
anyone else ?

You need to do the following to enable G-sync:

  • Enable G-sync in your monitor, in case it has an OSD menu with an option for that, as it could be disabled in default settings (the option should be under OSD config menu)
  • Enable G-sync for full screen mode at Nvidia panel (full screen + windowed mode option creates lag and fps loss when several windows overlap)
  • Enable also V-sync at Nvidia panel (yes, it´s also needed so put it in the global profile)
  • Disable V-sync in game

If your monitor has a way to display the current refresh rate (normally this could be at OSD menu) you can check it a couple of times to be sure the refresh rate is being changed to match the current FPS figures you have in game.

When G-sync works for one game it will work for any other. You just need to be sure that game runs in full screen mode. If you have problems with any game you can try to enable the G-sync full screen + windowed mode. It´s also fine to use it but it has that lag issue while several windows are displayed at the same time, but is vanished as soon as you just keep only one active and minimize the others.


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I’ll try that. The one thing I hadn’t tried yet was the NNCP global Vsync.

Im still running v12 (not beta and never have) and this has been happing to me since the weekend, and no changes to my system…

Closed as fixed in Sim Update 13: Release Notes - Sim Update 13 [] Available Now