Latest Patch MSFS2020 Using Wrong Graphics Card

Don’t know what’s happened here, but I just did a couple of very large required updates/patches as I was starting up the sim. After that the graphics looks like it’s being generated by an old VGA board. What? I have changed nothing. MSI Afterburner shows that I’m not using my RTX 2070 Super which explains this issue, however I have no idea how to fix this. All other apps are not having a problem with this - so it’s something about the MSFS2020 configuration. I do not have a special NVIDIA profile for this app btw.

The low res begins immediately as it starts up with the copyright info, splash screens, configuration etc.

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Switching to the dedicated Nvidia GPU

Thanks TenPatrol. I updated the NVIDIA driver and it worked fine for a while, then when I hot keyed into Windows to look at something while in the sim, and then came back, the lower resolution was again there. Very weird.

In terms of mapping MSFS2020 to the RTX GPU in NVIDIA, the flight sim does not show up in the list of applications to choose from, nor can I browse to it to add.

Never mind. I’m not sure why this happened, but my monitor resolution got tweaked and was incorrect. Happened somehow as part of the update.

I do seem to have the same issue with my external RTX 2070 since the latest update. Despite telling the game explicitly to use the graphics card it wouldn’t do it.