Latest update. B787 unable to intergrate simbrief

Hi all,

Just downloaded latest update. All went well.

One glitch. The 747-800 works great. The CDU op program on CDU initial page shows WT748 V 0.1.15. I am able to integrate simbrief though menu/settings button on CDU.

However, on the 787-10 The CDU op program on initial page shows WT78X V 0.1.16 and no menu button on CDU to allow access to settings to set pilot I/D and upload Flight plan from simbrief.

Other information. The simbrief intergration works well for CJ4 also.

Any help will be, as always, most appreciated.

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It’s in the settings page. Check again

Yes, but I cant get into the settings page as on the CDU there is no menu button as on the 747 CDU.
It maybe that the 787 has not downloaded correctly from the update. I do have the delux addition and it is there in my contents manager updated. Also, as in my initial post there are different program designtors on the CDU’s
Thanks for your help. Any other suggestion gratefully accepted.

It’s not on the Index page?

OK, all good. Re installed the delux Addition
and on the index page found on the lower left side SETTINGS. Yahoo!
Thanks very much, Oops lower right side I mean