Latest update/ back up and running after 'looping'

Ok so after a 2 day long haul of trying to get this blasted update installed on my system it finally worked after a 84GB install. I’m currently backing up my system and I’m about to reload a snap shot from two days ago to when my system was prompting me that I needed the compulsory SU3. The issue I was having with the 7GB-9GB update is that it appeared to be ‘looping’ on one of the ‘fs-base-cgl-0.1.21.fspackage’ files. I believe that the initial installation from the MS Store (approx. 3GB) deleted the whole fs-base-cgl-0.1.21.fspackage files and was causing the main installation to re-download these files, but the way the main installer interface was representing this download/installation was that it appear to be looping because the progress bar and GB count would reset after an approx. 7-8GB. I believe if you have had ignored this and let the installation continue it would have replaced those files eventually. The whole download was probably nearer the 80GB instead of the quoted 7-8GB mark.

This information is for anybody struggling with this ‘looping’ issue on the latest update.

I’m now going to reload my system and see how the so called ‘normal patches’ load even though it will appear that the download/install is ‘looping’.

I’m and the Premium Deluxe DVD version.

It’s a bug on how the download interface is actually depicting the true install

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