I’m annoyed about not knowing when buying this from Marketplace that a direct purchase from the developer would include liveries also. I’m even more annoyed that an update to the Marketplace version showed as available today which wouldn’t download for me, so I deleted it to attempt to reinstall it from scratch, and that won’t download either after trying all day. (“Download failed” message after downloading a little bit of it.)

I’d guess that there are no liveries in the Marketplace version because of the same licensing issue that presumably made MS exclude them from the default airliners - that I can understand, but the Marketplace doesn’t allow us to make an informed purchase here as things are now.

I was wondering why I couldn’t change logos on the equipment at the gate -_- I’d be extremely upset if this would’ve been upwards of 30.00 thanks for the heads up uninstalling the ms marketplace version and buying it straight from latinvfr. The contrail app that you are referring to is from where?

Never mind found it! Thanks

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Enjoy! They have America, Europe and Asia now :slight_smile:

Not sure if this addon is bugged after SU5.Not noticing any ground workers in these regions with AREX installed.

@PharaohEo double checking only, so Airliners liveries are not included in the Marketplace? I just bought Asia & Europe, and I can’t see any difference. Thank you.

EDIT: I read in the site, liveries not included in Marketplace. OMG, I just wasted $$.$$ :angry:

Sorry that happened to you, it’s a reason I only purchase exclusives from the marketplace.

Microsoft/Asobo have to be overly cautious of any copyright/IP they publish in the marketplace.

Partly I am responsible for that, not doing my homework well. The Marketplace & LatinVFR are both deceptive though, as the pictures shown were of airliners with regional liveries.

Anyway, have uninstalled it and wish my money went to deserving developers. Thanks.


Airline switching only happens with the North America version bought on our site.

Europe and Asia don’t have airline switching not even on our site. So the pictures you see of ASIA and Europe are real and not deceptive.

In the Marketplace the North America pack shows the pictures of what you get on the marketplace. Nothing deceptive there.

The airline switching with North America on our website is only possible because we use an external app to switch, something that the marketplace version does not allow.

No deception here, so we apologize for any confusion.

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@Richie81 Below are photos from Marketplace showing the regional liveries of airliners. Never mentioned in the description that liveries are not included although shown in the photos. That is deceptive. Anyway, Iesson learned for me, and uninstalled the add-on.

There should have been a note in the Marketplace. “LIVERIES NOT INCLUDED.” It is deception.

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Very sorry.

These are pictures depicting the product for show, and by mere chance these aircraft were there as model. No where did we ever say we were selling aircraft airline liveries. In the description and the type of product is “living world animations”. We never mentioned on the product description it will include aircraft airline liveries because its not there. Therefore there is no such deception. We were very clear on the description of the product, which I believe was translated into different languages.

The type of product AREX is: Living world animations. Not airplane liveries.

Your confusion might arise from the pictures depicting our product which shows how our product interacts with aircraft which by chance have airline liveries on them.

Example: pictures depicting a basketball player with a basketball, but whats on sale is the basketball, not the basketball player.

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@Richie81 man, if you will apologize, just say sorry. Adding non-sense logic about a basketball player only means marketing antics. You are not talking to a kid.


Hello. Purchased NA pack and worked fine until the update they released for the game in July. Now the content does not show up at NA airports anymore. I had deleted and reinstalled/updated the pack on the content manager and marketplace, and still wont load the items (pushback, catering, power, ect). Any known issues with the update?

Hello, please do visit our forum for support:

In any case, you shouldn’t have any issues considering what you have mentioned, but nonetheless please visit our forums for further help.