Learn to fly like a pro

For those of you who like to fly like a pro and haven’t already discovered this YouTube channel, do check it out!

I’ve been following this guy for a while now and he does really great stuff!


I also like to learn from this channel as well. Since I only fly the A320 in the sim exclusively, his guidance is invaluable and I get to learn a lot of things about flying an airliner.


“Both” of those YouTube channels are the ones to use if you want to learn from a professional.

Those, and this one too (someone mentioned to me that they think they have their instrument license):


Seems like a great channel if you’re into flying Airbus :+1:

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My favorite is badGamr (other than my own channel :grimacing:). I really appreciate the short & straight to the point videos they make for learning the game & improving game performance as well.

Personally I think V1 Simulations (RL A320 pilot) on Youtube takes some beating, especially for sim Airbus pilots.

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