Learning the A320 - worth getting the Fenix?

I have mainly flown GA aircraft in MSFS Flight sim and am “working my way up” to airliners. I have flown the Working Title CJ4 for about a year now too and just started learning the A320 with the A32NX mod. It’s going to take me a while I think to learn all the features, but I am wondering what are the advantages of the Fenix mod over the A32NX?

The A32NX seems to be of high quality similar to the CJ4.

The main advantages of the Fenix compared to the A32NX are non-normal procedures, aka failures. It has, as far as I’m concerned, the most complete and realistic failure handling of any addon ever released for a home simulator. Even the highly praised PMDG planes look like toys in comparison.

And in normal ops…everything just works. Equal time points, sec flight plan, etc.

The A32NX is fantastic, and it only keeps getting better. Think of the Fenix as a way to jump the queue, aka get 5 years into the future when the NX will hopefully also have all these features. Plus it really has a very very fair and affordable price IMO.

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You have to hand it the fenix. It’s just magnificent with only a few small things to fine tune. The support has been very good since launch. Very happy captain.

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I fly in VR and love how the EFB on the Fenix provides everything i need to do all of the pre-flight preparations and then the whole flight without having to lift my headset and break immersion.

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The Fenix is one level higher in terms of features, and on a completely different level in terms of aircraft modeling.

Do we also have an MCDU-Server at Fenix? And if not, the A320 FBW is the better choice for me, even if it doesn’t come close to the Fenix. But for home cockpit builders, this feature is simply essential. So it may be that Fenix ​​is ​​more for VR??

No. It has none. They promised all sorts of improvements, however, and I remember vaguely such features for cockpit builders. Not sure in which time scale that is going to happen.