Legacy Importer issue

Using Legacy Importer 2.6.0 to import native FSX models, if an instrument appears on-screen there will be a CTD. If you never go to cockpit view and view an instrument, the model flies OK in external and showcase views. Since MSFS starts with a cockpit view, and if an instrument is visible, there will be an immediate CTD. Apparently this issue started with SU-5. Before that the imported FSX models worked fine.

I have tried removing from the airplane folder and files anything to do with panel, cockpit, instrument, or gauge, to no avail. Still get CTD. If the FSX model was created with no instruments in view on initial load, there is no problem flying the plane as long as you never go to cockpit view.

I have several “paid” FSX models I would like to use in MSFS. So here is my question. Is there any work-around, patch, or fix regarding this issue? Thanks!

p.s. The other issue that started with SU-7 is that the throttle on your controller won’t work. The work-around is to use F2 and F3 to control your throttle.

Hello, Roy. I am afraid it’s not program but MSFS issue. Since ~SU5 MSFS no longer able to read clickable switches of legacy cockpits properly, they cause CTD.
Two solutions:

  1. Remove clickable switches with ModelConverterX (you can search for tutorials by “msfs legacy crash fix” query)
  2. Convert legacy cockpit into modern (require developer skills, not suitable for most)

I can guess many other critical and minor issues added with updates on top of this one, but I am no longer work on this project as there is no any sense in conversions as they are no longer supported (Asobo statement).

There is another solution for throttles - remove Engines Throttle event from joystick throttle, then apply Engine 1 Throttle (2/3/4 as well) to it. You can find some tips on this forum as issue happen for native planes as well (even payware, like IndiaFoxtEcho jets)

Thanks for your response and the suggested workarounds. :+1:

I am a retired programmer, so if you can point me to some “how to” info about how to change from legacy to modern I will give it a try. I see the JSON files have both. Is it just a matter of commenting out legacy and un commenting modern? Or is there something to do in MSFS options?

This is a link to one of the better sites in this regard.
You will find a lot of good info there.
The title below doesn’t mention MSFS, but there is lots there.

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You will need ModelConverterX to export geometry and model parts, like switches and control elements. It was made by FSDeveloper admin so you can use this site as information source. LI can be used for CFGs conversion (“Full Import”), no need to convert instruments as they should work in native plane properly.

Second stage is build MSFS aircraft project with this model, restore materials, animation. You can check MSFS SDK tutorials about how to make aircraft from scratch, only difference - you will have model and XML files on your hands.
For experienced developer basic conversion may take about 5 hours, for inexperienced - 50-100, up to infinity.

Examples of successful conversion are Grumman Goose and DG808S

Everybody: Good info. Thanks! :+1:

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Very long story short, I am willing to pay someone for two converted FSX planes that work in MSFS. The two planes I would like are: