Leicester (EGBG) - beacon light pole badly positioned next to taxiway

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EGBG Leicester airport the position of the airport beacon light pole is ridiculous. Not enough space to get past to the parking area without clipping your wing on it, regardless of aircraft type. You have to “drive through it” for want of a better phrase. Was hoping this would be fixed in the “many airport updates” in the UK update. Sadly not.
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Load EGBG and try and taxi from parking to the runway - any runway will do.
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Have done, thanks.

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Confirmed at approximately 52.605640, -1.035058.

Thanks, I now use this excellent freeware EGBG scenery which removes the offending pole and adds a lot of other nice details as well. EGBG Leicester Airport / Aeroclub » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Hey, do you have the Zendesk ticket number that you logged for this? If so, could you edit your top post to add it in?