Less fps after update

anyone else who has less fps after downloading uk?
I flown just before and after the update and uk and the difference is 10fps which bring me in a awfull
possition during landing.
I removed the mods for fbw a320 and took the default.
I flown zig-zag from eglc-egll.

If you’re flying in a area that didn’t have photogrammetry before, but does now (like London), that will explain the performance difference. PG is tough on most systems.

yes my FPS drop from 50 - 45 to 40-35 aprox.

Not just you and not just UK. I am seeing drops to 1fps in the cockpit of the KingAir before I’ve even turned the lights on. In Berlin.

Update. OMG. How broken is Berlin? Stutters that last 5 seconds? A taxiway that looks like a rollercoaster? Seriously is this really how Microsoft want Bing advertised?

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