Let me be CLEAR!

Ok let me be clear. I am not bashing ASOBO studios. I am unhappy yes! I mean so many people and they don’t have working sims. You folks out there with perfectly working sims just don’t seem to get that. Not bashing you either just saying I’m tired of seeing a post for help and someone with a good working sim just tells them their the problem. Lol no. If we don’t I guess you call it complain or comment on every little mishap companies won’t learn. If we say nothing then expect future games and discipline at developing companies go down. Again just because i rant about issues in the sim and express how I feel does not mean I dislike the work the game or the company. If anything I feel more upset at Microsoft cause I think they pushed the release before it was ready. But anyways I hope the long videos I make of common bugs helps. And all the best of luck to ASOBO I hope they get it fixed soon.

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I totally understand people being upset when their program is not working as expected. I just wish some people (and this is not adressed at you) would nonetheless be able to communicate their problems in a polite and constructive way, without swearing at developers or publishers.


Yeap, we’re all in this together, so might as well start seeing things from a different light in order to achieve something. The constant fighting here is really distracting and is taking the attention from what really matters.