Let the download begin!

Just started the download from Alabama (central time zone) and all seems smooth and functional so far…I can’t wait to fly in the morning!!

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Same here in Colorado. 91Gb will take a while. Will let it run over night, and get up early to give it a go before work.

Same here from a Massachusetts Beta tester, 94.59 Gb(Premium Deluxe Edition),it’s been 20 minutes, and 1/4 of the way done,see you all in the skys!

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My games keeps starting to download files and then restarting over and over and over again. Tried restarting and now I’m at a screen looking at a TBM 940 while a blue bar tries to fill up but never ends. Game is broken AF! >:[

I started downloading about 45 minutes ago and it’s up to 9,77gb. I’m located in Sweden where it’s currently very early morning.

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I really wish the package files for the Steam release were hosted on their own CDN’s. Steam allows downloads at line speed. Meanwhile almost every download from Microsoft’s datacenters is sporadic with average downloads being about 1/4th the line speed.

After an hour the download is 30% completed. not bad.