Let us choose the core simulator version

I understand the updates have to be mandatory for the world scenery.
But for the rest that is local we should be able to choose our version. This shouldn’t be hard to do and I think everyone agrees with that.

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eeehmmm… that’s a no.

There is hardly anything from the world locally installed. Most of the data is streamed to your PC from the web, and you need the most recent version to communicate to the servers correctly.

So no, it’s not easy to do
and nope, not everyone agrees with that.


NO…its 2020 no gaming/simming software works like that anymore.
Next thing you know these forums are flooded with more issues because people chose not to update but want fixes and improvements…but…they chose not to update.:rofl::joy:
Pretty remedial and silly right…well🙃

I’m not talking about the world. THE SIMULATOR. The simulator runs locally, and we should be able to chose which version. I cannot imagine how and why someone would oppose that idea.

Personally, I would be against this for a few reasons.

  1. The developers would need to provide API versioning and deprecation systems for all cloud-based components (Traffic, Scenery, Weather, Multiplayer, Azure ATC, etc).

    These APIs would need to allow users to use multiple versions of the client, and in turn, the clients would need to not die if someone refused to upgrade and their client became incapable of consuming the API.

  2. If users are allowed to use multiple versions of the simulator, then developers and users have to be more careful with BRs. This has the potential to cause more noise and make BR more bloated.

    Imagine someone reporting a bug that had been fixed two versions ago. Even if the response (if any) was please upgrade to the latest version of the simulator, someone still has to review the BR and reply to it and on the forums that is still an extra unnecessary topic

  3. MMOs do not typically let people choose to use historic versions of the game, at most they allow users to use a preview build. Doing otherwise would break the MMO pattern and could itself cause confusion.

What would solve the issues, at least in theory, is a better update and release pattern.

Because the sim is modular (packages system), you do get some choice in the extras that you download, for example, aircraft, airports and scenery.

The developers have also talked about slowing down the frequency of updates to allow third-party developers to test and get updates for their assets prior to release, this will help as well.

But I think the biggest thing I want to see is a smoother BR process, and an opt-in pre-release testing process. The second of which they are working on and hope to roll out next year. This will give testers the opportunity to help identify issues so that the devs can ‘hopefully’ fix it before the code is pushed onto production and forced onto those who want the smoother ‘everything works’ experience.

However, while I believe the idea of letting people choose their core sim version is a bad idea, there are plenty of people who think otherwise. Check out #self-service:wishlist, and see if there is an existing topic. If so go and up-vote it. If not feel free to PM me and I can move this topic to #self-service:wishlist for you!

Best of luck


I don’t think you have any idea how hard (impossible) this would be. It’s a logistical nightmare from a development perspective.

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