Let's call it Smog not Haze

Flying around today it’s so frustrating to see what Asobo has done. In typing in another thread, it dawned on me what this really looks like. Asobo has officially given us Smog all over the world especially the United States. We have a condition of low pollution hovering not only over cities but rural areas as well, mountains even. You can’t escape it unless you go to low altitude areas. It’s hard to look at at times there’s so much of it and it’s totally not representative of real-world conditions.


Yep that what I thought. I flew into Des Moines Iowa the other day and the downtown buildings looked a lot like Los Angeles.

Newly implemented METAR-based weather system for local local/low altitude is using MSL instead of AGL. Vote in this thread.

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In L.A. they insisted it be called a “marine layer” so as to make the tourists at Disneyland think it wasn’t hurting their lungs! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Already voted in that thread a few days ago.

What Ive taken to doing, is to load live weather, look out the window to see what it looks like, then switch to custom weather that is comparable to what live weather was, and then make whatever changes there. The thing is when do the switch say from live broken clouds to custom broken clouds, the sky looks almost the same except no smog/haze and the cloud deck seems to be a bit higher.

It almost like someone put a 00,00.00 comma in the wrong place.

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I didn’t know they introduced haze/fog until (after having to reinstall the sim once again due to the update making my sim unlaunchable) I started a flight out of HNL (Honolulu) and saw an immense amount of this fog in the distance. At first I thought, “Oh interesting… we have fog now? Hmm cool” but then when flying through it and seeing the poor implementation and how it was all over the place (I’ve been to Hawaii 12x now and never seen any sort of fog like that) my opinion quickly changed. It was live weather and there were no fog conditions at the time.

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Yes, yesterday and today I also felt extremely sorry that most of the residents of Hawaii did not get to see blue skies in her live. Worse than London

I’ve resorted to making my own weather scenarios until this get’s fixed. At least the weather looks half way decent in comparison. It sucks they cut the beta team prematurely and released this as the last year end update. What a way to end 2021 in the FS world. This is one heck of a ‘Thank You’ to the community.

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