Lets fly the queen of the skies

Planning a flight in the 747-800 from VCBI - Colombo, Sri Lanka to VHHH - Hong Kong.

Start at the gate in VCBI using real-world weather and sim time of 7 AM. Multiplayer visibility set to all on the Southeast Asia Server

The expected time en route is 5 hrs and since that makes for a long flight, we will use a sim rate of 4 once we are at TOC and until prior to TOD. I will be using the built-in ATC for the instruction.

Flight Plan - VCBI DORT2D DORTA DCT ESPAP P762 LALIT M502 BKK W1 KRT B460 SAV A202 VILAO/K0941F370 A202 ASSAD/K0941S1130 A202 SIKOU/N0508F370 V571 CANTO CANT3A VHHH

VCBIVHHH_MFS_16Nov20.pln (21.3 KB)

You can follow along on one of the Flight 04 in the official MSFS discord. I’ll be there as V3ER, voice comm will be enabled for me.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Hey, that sounds interesting! It’s about time I took that jet out for a while. :slight_smile:

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This sounds interesting. I might join.

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We stand the PLN

We wait the PLN

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Flight plan is up! See you guys in Flight 04 discord!

Where is the Flight 04 Discord?

Its the official MsFS Discord. Flight 04 chat section.

Thanks everyone for joining in. Sorry about the issues @IchigoAir Thank you @TOLstoy787 & @discman4476.

That was a lot of fun @V3ER4981 - thanks for organizing the flight.

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Thank for your work!It’s good for me

Thank good for me!Good work