Lets prepare for 40th anniversary edition!

16 years on, and I’ve finally managed to get all the workers off the rig. (Oil rig transport mission in FSX)

I’m ready for 11th of November :sunglasses: :grin:
How do you guys get yourself ready?


Congrats. I’m preparing by participating in the beta flight. For me, flying GA, and preparing for my LAPL training lessons, this update is mainly welcome because of the weather improvements, like downdrafts.

I remember that mission vividly. Played it when I’m still young. It’s so ridiculously hard that the adrenaline rush when I finally got it, was the most intense I ever have.
Ahh the good o’ days of FSX, not perfect, but very enjoyable.

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I just realized, that there already is a thread for this topic… :man_bowing:

I prepared by ordering a helicopter collective!

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Yep, my impressions as well, weather in SU11 beta is quite a biest. Was soaring in the Discus yesterday, and mighty impressed by how alive the atmosphere has become now. Asobo seems to be taking this stuff seriously, and its really beginning to show. Wonderful times ahead!


The 40th Anniversary Edition is released! Click here for the Official Discussions; #community:40th-anniversary-edition-feedback