Letzer Patch


ich kann den FS nicht starten, weil ein neues Update verlangt wird. Das neue Update wirsd aber zum instalieren nicht angezeigt.
wie kann ich das problem lösen?
vielen dank

Try going to Microsoft Store and start the sim from there.

geht leider nicht. MS will beim starten das update und schickt mich zum Microsoft Store. danach wiederholt sich alles.

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Unfortunately it does not work. MS wants to start the update and sends me to the Microsoft Store. then everything repeats itself.
what can I do?

Open the MS Store app, go to my installed games, click on ms flight simulator, not ‚starten‘. When the video start it will automatically update after a few seconds. When finished, reboot or click on ,starten‘

in the past there was always a preview video there. for me there is no more video there now.

No video… But the MS Store in general works? Does Downloads and Updates works? Updates abrufen?

Some tools Xbox Game Bar, Gaming Services, Xbox have mostly daily updates…

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