Lewis and Clark Expedition Flight - Leg 2 - FlightShare

Join us tomorrow for the second leg of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
To join us start FlightShare and select the Event Airspace at the top.

We will be leaving out of Kansas City International Airport (KMCI) to continue our trip using the same runway we landed on. The gathering place will be on taxiway A and holding short at A1.
We will be departing punctually at 17:00 UTC VIA 19R to the south. After departure we will make a right turn and head west to meet up over the Missouri River, where we will follow it to the North.
Along the trip we will be passing through Atchison, the Lewis and Clark Village, over the Bottoms Wildlife Area, Past Saint Joseph, the Iowa Indian Reservation, Plattsmouth, and landing at Omaha (KOMA). We will be targeting an airspeed of about 150 knots (Cessna 208 Caravan), but as we know… sometimes things go a bit faster. :laughing: Join us on the EAST USA server. Bring a friend. The flight plan will be located under BushyBen419 on FlightShare.

More details will follow on the discord server “events” text channel.

Join the Event Voice Channel here in the FlightShare Discord

If you don’t already have FlightShare you can get it for free here: FlightShare

Tried flightshare. It does nothing. I used it last time but now it has no flight plans. See you next time maybe. I opened it as before but there is nothing to click on any more. Tried to install it again and same thing

Could be a local issue on your system such as anti-virus software. I would suggest going to the discord at https://discord.com/invite/QFFGn3VQY6 . There are a lot of people there that can help.