LFKL and a Bleriot XI with French cows and a Hot Air Balloon

The Bleriot XI (Gnome version for sanity ) flying out of the new LFKL Brindas (located near Lyon France) Marketplace addon replete with pastoral scenes, dairy cows and a hot air balloon.

Bit of a novelty download. Apparently the shortest registered airstrip in the EU.

Very basic airport but for $US5.00 cannot complain, the cows are a nice touch.


animated people and other dynamic objects are coming soon


I notice this airfield has a control tower which is not in the current google maps photos, is this a recent new real world addition copied from the actual airfield ?

The control tower was removed in 2019.
But it is for us the soul of this Airfield, so we left it in place.

Please contact us on contact@redwin-copter.com if you want a fix to remove it.

I am happy enough with a historical version that includes the tower.

But it is good to know people can get a fix that updates the airfield if they want it.

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Did we ever get the animated people and other dynamic objects ?

hello There will be animated peapole, props (horce race), 30’s boat and more…

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