LFMN Nice - JustSim or DeimoS?

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does anybody already have a comparison between these two developers rendition of Nice? Any advice is appreciated.

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Read somewhere that Nice/lfmn will be updated in the upcoming World update. Maybe the “new” lfmn is good enough??


I don’t have any of these two, but JustSim I would rate as a mid-tier developer, they are alright but lack the quality and attention to detail that the best third-party devs have.

I would avoid DeimoS Inc however, just look at this review of their Milano Malpensa airport, it’s really bad:

As pilotakaa mentioned, Nice will be part of the next world update, so might be best to wait and see if that fulfills your needs :slight_smile:

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Personally, I don’t know why JustSim gets a rap as a mid-tier developer (I’ve heard that thrown around before). I guess it depends on what you call top-tier, how many tiers you have, etc. I bought the JustSim version and it looks outstanding as do ALL of the JustSim airports I own. Are they FlightBeam or FSDreamTeam? Not quite, but they’re in the top tier for me and I don’t hesitate to buy their work now if it’s a project I want.

Maybe they weren’t as good in other sims?? I dunno, but in MSFS they’ve done beautiful work.

Short answer, if you get it you will not be disappointed in the least IMHO. As for the Diemos comment, I’ve never bought one of theirs but I agree…from what I have looked into of theirs, they’re maybe slightly better than default.

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Thanks all for your comments! I already do own the DeimoS version, but I think I will invest in JustSim. I also think it will be better than the Nice version of the next World Update. I will report back and give a comparison of the two.

Thanks again all!

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They’re both Nice…

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hello, wait for update 4, see what asobo did before buying an addon, since they would have improved the airport, it may suit you and suit me :grinning: surtout en voyant le nombre d’addon de daub payant sur MFS, conseil, wait!!!

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:joy: Nice one!


I would absolutely wait for World Update 4 and see how it compares with JustSim.

Deimos is out of the running. Much like Bredok3d, their add-ons are not even close to what I would call payware quality, to avoid at all costs.


I would really wait for the world update as well. Definitely JustSim looks better than the other one. However, my problem is with Justsim is that, they are not up for the quality for the price they offer

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The updated default lfmn looks quit all right…i


Which is the best out of all of them? I’m downloading world update IV now and only have the deimos one. Also has anyone had any conflicts with the orbx Paris landmarks pack and the new world update?

I removed ORBX Paris for now, Asobo did a great job with Paris, i feel like the ORBX one is obsolet now and there might be issues till they update it to match the new paris in the sim, i havent tested it further tho.

Also i JustSim is the way to go for LFMN imho.

Hmmm what about the $40 France VFR obstacles pack?

Normally I wouldn’t recommend Justsim, but compared to Deimos, it is much better in texture quality by having less frame impact

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If that Can help …
Here is my LFMN ( by justSim) vidéo review

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I saw that JustSim released a new version of this airport as part of their NG series. The reviews are pretty stellar (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXrD-eKOh9Y) and I am very interested in getting this version. The product is available at SimMarket and in the marketplace at a significantly lower price (nearly 30% less). Beside the quicker release of product updates in SimMarket, are there any other benefits of buying from that platform rather than from the marketplace?

Not really. If it were between Simmarket and the in-sim Marketplace, I’d go with whichever’s cheaper.