Life around beaches

I know this will be way down on the list, but I recently did some flying around tropical areas, you know beaches and clear water. I didn’t see any boats in the ocean, or any sailboats anchored, etc. That would be low on the list of really nice to haves.

Also the beaches were totally empty. It would be cool if there were people on the beaches when you are low. I mean I don’t want all beaches covered with people. Perhaps it figures out which beaches are closest to big cities, looks at the weather, etc, to figure out how busy the beaches would be?

I know, pretty trivial stuff, but it does take away from the realism when flying in those areas.

Some boats are on their way.

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Boats? Great!

Thankfully, there are Game Designers at Asobo, who should not be so distracted with irrelevant additions, despite the idea that “No consumer idea should left behind”

We want our beaches to be empty when we are laying on the sand, but clogged with fat, smelly, lotion covered land whales while flying above them, laughing.

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This reminds me of a YouTube I watch a while ago where rubber ducks take over an entire house! LOL

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One way to Guarantee as many boats in your sim that you want, or bodies on the beech, or cows in the fields — is for YOU develop an addon to do that.

If you can do this for the MS-Store, then everyone ( PC & X-box users) can benefit

Others have done this for thing that they want, rather than waiting for others to do so.

BTW: There are already numerous “optional” BOAT / Shipping traffic addons. Check out

But at the end of the day, if Asobo decide it is something they want to add, they probably will.

If they don’t, (as they have not done already), it probably means that they have determined there are higher priory things to address.

Personally, I trust Asobo to make good decisions about this –

Personally I would love to be able to make scenery’s of things I want to add to the sim, however I don’t have the time or knowledge on how to create those scenery items…. I’m hoping that this new scenery gateway allows for easy editing of scenery items, like adding parking spots, fixing runways and taxi ways, etc. YQQ (Comox) is awful, no parking at the terminal, or GA, and thats just one of many many fixes that need to happen…

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I wouldn’t hold my breath on populated beaches. I seem to remember a while back that some developers that added boats to the marketplace had their listings removed because they had people on them in swimsuits. They were only allowed if the people wore regular clothing or removed the people all together. The claim was that the swimsuits went against the “everyone” rating for the sim.