Lift, airflow etc vectors visualisation

Hey I’m wondering if there is a possibility to turn on vectors that are visible sometimes in dev Q&As that shows airflow or vectors on lift etc?

this could be great way for studying principles of flight and other subjects for pilot licenses.

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Yes there is, its in the developer mode. For studying I’m not sure its all that useful as for anything with swept wings for example the lift vectors move opposite compared to what it should be and downforce on the tail is upforce in most configurations instead (unless it got fixed meanwhile, haven’t seen any release notes about this).

I was looking into dev mode - clicked through some options but did not found correct option for that. Mind to share some details which option turns these on?

As for its accuracy. It’s not that I really want that to be very acurate. I’d see issues with tailplane but there are times (when CG is aft of centre of pressure). I don’t need them to be really accurate but MSFS already helped me with understanding altimeters with pressure altitudes flight levels etc. It’s easier (at least for me) to understand something when I can experiment a little with it :smiley:

I have to check, don’t know by memory. Aircraft debug or something?

Ok, I’ve found it - it was hidden in inactive options - you need first to open new project to be able to access it that’s why I did not see it.


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