Lines appearing on water-masked locations when lightning strikes

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Yes - removed them.
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Brief description of the issue:
Odd lines found on water masked areas when lightning strikes. Please open the image to see the lines as seen in the sim.
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Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Set the weather to thunderstorms. You’ll soon see these lines appear over the water masked location.
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R9 3900X, 2080Ti, 32GB RAM - NOTE: All settings on ULTRA.
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Not sure whether it’s been around longer than this but I believe the Benelux update is when I first noticed it.
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MS Store
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No. Looking for community help first.

The above screenshot does not demonstrate the issue. Here are some videos that I sent to Zendesk several months ago. It seems to have started with the Japan World Update.

I would highly recommend sending a report if you’re seeing the issue as well. When it comes to cosmetic bugs that are not game-breaking, they rely on the amount of unique reports in order to prioritise them.

Yep my screenshot was very rushed. Your videos perfectly reflect the issue. I will report to Zendesk when possible. Thanks for your contribution to the topic!

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