Link included documentation (manual or POH) for Marketplace aircraft

(My apologies if there’s already a wishlist item for this; I did search and couldn’t find one. Feel free to merge this with another topic if there is a more suitable one already!)

I now have bought several aircraft in the Marketplace, including two (the Jabiru J-160/J-170 and the MB-339) that were previously available through third-party sellers and have since appeared in the MSFS Marketplace as well. While I appreciate the central management of updates and find that a selling point for using the Marketplace, there is one area where it falls down compared to third-party sellers: documentation.

Most third-party aircraft mods from other sellers come with a PDF manual or POH which includes technical specs on the aircraft, release notes and documentation for the mod, and recommended procedures and expected performance information which are very helpful for the virtual pilot.

Without the MB-339’s PDF manual I’d have had a hell of a time figuring out how to operate the emergency gear hydraulics, for instance… and the Marketplace version simply doesn’t have a place to offer a manual, so I have to refer to the one I downloaded from a previous vendor.

I think it would be great if the MSFS Marketplace added support for downloading and viewing documentation files, whether specifically for PDFs or a general support-file-download-and-launch.

(At a minimum, the ability to link from the aircraft specs page or content manager to an online manual would be nice, but I understand add-on authors may prefer to limit access to manuals to paying customers so that may not solve everyone’s problems well enough.)

[Update] It seems that at least some packages do include PDF documentation in the Marketplace downloads, but they’re not in a standard location (some are deep in a directory hierarchy) and there’s no exposure to the user interface, not to mention that you have to be able to find the hidden MSFS packages directory in the first place. :slight_smile: But this does imply that there could easily be a way to add to the package manifest some sort of link to those files to make them easy to open.

I only found the documentation for my aircraft when I poked around the aircraft files afterwards. It definitely needs to be more accessible. Many people aren’t even going to know how to access the files unless they know how to dig through the sim’s complex directory structure.

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