Lionheart TB21 GT - First Look

I treated myself to the Lionheart TB21 yesterday, as I have a bit of real world time in the TB10 Tobago and really enjoy the sleek design of the Socata family of aircraft.

The 21 has a lot more grunt than it’s younger brother and handles beautifully in the sim, although I did notice the various cockpit lighting gets reset to off every time one swaps the view from inside the cockpit to an external view and back. The autopilot struggled to fly an ILS having tested it at multiple airports- it will hold the glideslope ok (although not display a GS indication on the CDI), but weaves left and right through the localiser all the way down to almost full scale deflection.

Great cruiser for hands on flying (with a good whack of right rudder trim) or just A-B on AP. I reckon it’s worth the pricepoint of US $24.99. More details on the Lionheart website