Lisbon (LPPT), Portugal: Active taxiway H1 mislabeled and (probably) incorrectly marked with X

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Brief description of the issue:

There was a bug report about missing taxiway H1 in Lisbon (LPPT) airport. LPPT got modified as part of World Update 8: Iberia, which introduced taxiway H1.


  1. The taxiway has an X on it in MSFS. I looked at an LPPT aerodrome chart active 2 December 2021 that does not indicate that this is inactive (see screenshot section). 2 December 2021 is four months ago, as of this bug logging, so if there is a more current chart that the MSFS team has access to, I would defer to that. It is marked with an X in Bing aerial photos, which is probably why it is marked with an X in MSFS.
  2. The taxiway is labeled as β€œHS” instead of β€œH1” as it should be (see screenshot).

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The β€œX” on taxiway H1 in MSFS:

This is from the LPPT aerodrome chart (which you can download via the link above) showing that taxiway H1 does not have an X over it as some other taxiways do in this diagram:

Screenshot showing that it is incorrectly marked as taxiway β€œHS”:

Screenshot showing where taxiway H1 is in relation to the rest of the airport:

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  1. Start Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  2. Use the drone cam or taxi to the taxiway. It is in the middle of runway 03-21. The last screenshot, below, shows where it is.

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Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

World Update 8 ( I believe that this taxiway was introduced in World Update 8.

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