List of Addon Airports with fully modeled interiors

Has anyone made a running list of airports released with fully modeled interiors?

That list would pretty much be all of the decent payware.

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“Fully modeled” is also a misnomer. Lots of payware have terminal wing interiors but some are a lot more detailed than others. Some have static furniture, some have static people, some have animated people and sounds. Some have animated trams or mass-transit trains, too. I don’t know of any that animate the baggage pickup areas, for instance, or show people walking into or out of the airport at the main entrances, but there may be some of those that I’m unaware of.

All of that has a not-insubstantial hit on VRAM and usually FPS, depending on the developer and how well optimized it is. Some devs split the difference and have partially modeled interiors (terminal gate areas only) without people or a lot of secondary objects and clutter.

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Appreciate i am late to this party, its been long on my mind as the performance as depth of the simulator grows. And realise its not entirely relevant to the original posters question (so feel free to move this somewhere else)
I hope maybe one day the developers will give us the option of modelled interiors vs parallax or flat.
Inibuild for example have done an excellent job with their airports and give you the option to change various configurations of some of their airports.
I personally dont need to see complex highly detailed interiors, not because i don’t appreciate the work, but it adds little to my enjoyment of flying gate to gate. I lock my FPS to 30, but some of these airports are taking a toll once traffic starts to appear.

Just my opinion.


I fly GA, so I almost never even see the pax terminal windows. But at small airports, interior details are a welcome improvement. A perfect example is PHHN from Northern Sky Studios. It’s a pretty small field with a terminal building that’s just a shack compared to bigger airports, but the interior details are easily visible from the ramp when parked or taxiing out.