List of Installed Aircraft

Anyone know how to get the list of installed aircraft using SimConnect or via some other elegant way? It would be the names used when calling AICreateNonATCAircraft

Examples would be:

Boeing 747-8i Asobo
Extra 330 Asobo

Coincidently, I asked the same question in another thread, I never got a reply.

I hunted around in the FS App Folder and there are some XML Files (and JSON) containing lists of aircraft but they’re just the generic and minimum aircraft, no community aircraft definitions.

It would be really useful to have such a list, especially one I could stream to a remote client, so if you find an answer to this, please let me know.

you have to scan for “aircraft.cfg” files in the AddOns directory. They use the INI file format, and the entry to hunt for is “title”. Now the more important question is: why do so many of them result in an “AI Container” exception message to be sent when I try to create a parked AI aircraft? (SimConnect_CreateParkedATCAircraft)

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