List of Key/Button Assignments for Keyboard and Joysticks

Does anyone have a list ( hopefully printable ) of the keyboard controls and joysticks?
Or, know where they are stored in the PC?


I would like this info too. And how to map joystick

Mapping the joystick is very tedious. I have the Saitek AV8R, not very sophisticated, and I had to manually
enter in each one which I had in my previous version of FS. Lucky I kept a paper list of them.
Go to CONTROLS and you will see 3 large tabs; Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick.
Click on Options/Controls and select one, say Joystick, navigate down to the control you want to add/adjust and click on either Search box or “Select an Input”. Enter in the key or button desired, click Validate and then be SURE to SAVE at the bottom of screen.

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Would you care to share your mappings with us? I haven’t used Flight Simulator since 98! I’d appreciate a quick joystick mapping (recognizing they’re all different, but ANY starting point would be better than the set of blank boxes provided by one of the largest computer companies in the world…

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I found some screen shots in reddit. Not sure if I can post the link here:

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I have the list of bindings at and I just created an option to export them to a CSV file which you can import into Excel. Then you can at least fairly easily created your own printed sheet with the layout you want…

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Too bad MS has not thought of exposing these lists to Users somehow. HINT to MS!

Here is JPG with all of them on a 11X14 Sheet - Making Improvements Later.

Made correction for "Elevator Trim UP ( Nose UP) " = Num Pad 1.


This is great, nice job. I wonder if it is possible to get something like this but with the bindings I have set instead of the defaults.

Try this: Controls/Keyboard Commands for MSFS (

Thanks for the great keyboard chart but what I need is operational help with the AP,