List of New Plane Releases?

Hey guys - anyone know of a post or site where they list all of the new plane addon releases in order of their release? So like most recent release at the top then it descends from there?


This is not good enough ?

thats a great list, bookmarking now. and it will do for what i was looking for somewhat.

What I was hoping to find would be a list I can bookmark that I can check every week or so to very quickly glance at and see if any new planes have been added. It would save a lot of time because otherwise you have to hunt around on the forums and developer sites to see what’s been released.

So that list you sent me would be perfect if, for example, all of the new planes could be listed at the top for easy visualization. But it will still work in that you just have to scroll through and check for the new tags.

Boston Jeremy comments every time he adds a new release to his list, so I have notifications turned on for this thread and am notified any time a new payware aircraft releases.

I follow both lists, but Jeremy is better at keeping an up to date list.


oh wow another list. i thought both of the ones posted on this thread were the same. shoot which one is more accurate

this is a good list too but slightly different than the thread topic

You’re welcome…:smirk:

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