List of Scenery Mods with Water Runways


That’s exactly what I meant, that tool you mentioned is great if where you are has no parking spots.

Found a few more whilst looking on and added to the list. They are:

8MI2 - Elberta Seaplane Base, Michigan by MulberryWing. Quite a nice little seaplane base. It’s fictional but based on the site of an old ferry harbour and fits in quite nicely. The Great Lakes really needs more places for the floatplanes to live! MulberryWing also has a number of historical/fictional old school style airfields in Michigan that are worth checking out.

NY9 - Long Lake Helms Seaplane Base by ADKAIR83. Pretty decent seaplane base in Upper New York with some improved coastline as well. Nice spot to fly around. ADKAIR83 has a few more strips in Upper New York including ADK2 - Elk Lake Lodge Airstrip which has a water runway but no parking docks. There’s a bush strip with parking spots so I guess you could drive your amphibian over a bit of marshy ground to get to the water!

Is it possible to somehow filter out a printable list of all the sea plane bases in MSFS? Thanks!

Thank you for this thread. Super useful.

I made “ProjectHarbour” a while back and it included the following below, although there are a lot of conflicts, but there are a bunch of handmade (but not great) docks with collisions for each of these seaports. While they’re useable, I’d lean towards not using it unless it’s a last option personally…

  • CAX6 - Saltspring/Ganges Water Aerodrome
  • CYWH - Victoria Harbour Water Airport
  • CAX3 - Sechelt/Porpoise Bay Water Aerodrome
  • CAC8 - Nanaimo Harbour Airport
  • HA01 - Powell River Seaport
  • HA02 - Maple Bay/Duncan Waterdrome
  • HA03 - Kelowna Waterdrome (Via Manteo Marina)
  • HA04 - Tofino Seaport (Via Tofino Resort Marina)
  • HA05 - Comox Waterdrome (Via Comox Marina)

For those that like city flying, not sure which one of the NYC mods added it, but there are water runways in the East River next to Flushing Bay/KLGA. I know I use FeelThere’s LGA so that might be what added it.

Redwing’s 1935 project has a period version of LaGuardia airport with water runways, along with modified period New York scenery