Little morning flight around Cork I thought

Looked at the globe, clouds didn’t look so bad, load up the live weather and have at it.

Expectations …


Still fun flight even though I had to use fake weather to see anything at all.

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Ha ha! I also flew into Ireland yesterday but the “live” weather seemed to clear the further north I went. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of fake weather to see this amazing scenery. It’s also nice to see a comment on the forum which isn’t complaining about anything :sweat_smile:

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My home town!

I live 4 miles from the airport :slight_smile:


Using live weather in Ireland will always be rain. it’s quite realistic :rofl:


This was my flight out of Northern Ireland this morning. It was nice to eventually escape the cloud, although the ice looks pretty cool. I’m not sure the Cessna’s de-icing methods are all they’re cracked up to be but I’m still airborne so am happy about that.