Little Navmap 2.6.17 stable version released (update 16)

No problem to use Little NavMap without a simulator, to prepare a flight plan for example.If you have a Navigraph contract, you can update your Navdata every month.

Thank you!

this is just what I was looking for - downloading now…
to be clear you just need to run LNM as normal - then it should appear via the UI?

Yes, you must keep LNM running in the background, and have the Run Webserver option ticked under Tools. That’s it, nice and simple.

Installed the Toolbar into Community folder but no show in sim, is there something I’m missing.

Yup - on the toolbar click on the last icon on the right side which allows you to select which icons are actually shown on the toolbar! Also remember to have run webserver box checked in Little Navmap under tools!

Yep understood but still nothing

Ok Darrlyn - heads up once you have downloaded and extracted the addon you need to drill down 3 folders to find the folder that you actually copy into the community folder. MSFS can only read one folder deep. The actual folder that sits in community should be “fs-base-ingamepanels-lnm”. Cut and paste that one into community and discard the “msfs2020-toolbar-little-nav-map-main” folder

It’s just here that I’m getting a Wind download error? “error downloading or reading wind data”


I’m getting the same since this morning!!

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I’ve been getting this error since yesterday.


Me too. Every few minutes. And since that happens LNM also CTD every few minutes. I remover the relevant server from the options but still get the error. The CTD is more annoying though… This morning I had to redo a plan 4 times. I will see if updating to the latest bèta helps.

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Issue with NOAA:


Set wind source to disabled in weather menu.


Since upgrading to 2.6.2 beta, I’m seeing a problem with interpreting the flight plan when entered via the Route Description window.

If the second to final waypoint is a VOR that matches the IATA code of an airport, the LNM interprets the VOR as the destination airport and sets the actual destination airport as the alternate airport. This didn’t happen in previous versions, including beta 2.6.1.

To correct the problem, I must delete the final VOR waypoint from the Route Description window, then click the Read Route Description button to accept the plan, then from the flight planning window, add in the final VOR.

Perhaps this can be corrected for the next beta release. Thanks.

Can you give me an example route description?
Navigraph update? What AIRAC?
BTW: Route description did not change from 2.6.1.beta to 2.6.2.beta

Navigraph version 2011

These are the routes I’m seeing the issue:





Hello albar965

First and foremost allow me to thank you on creating and distributing for free this brilliant add on for the flight sim community. I can only imagine the time and effort that goes into creating, and maintaining this clever, and complicated piece of software. You have my greatest respect.

Now onto my question. I am using LittleNavMap on my 15" Laptop which is dedicated to navigation, and communication (the sim is on another PC) As you can imagine, when all the tabs are open the map itself is tiny. I want to be able to have the map the only window open (floating) so I can full screen it (windowed mode) on my laptop screen. I know its possible as I have seen other people doing it on YouTube. I can’t seem to find how to do it though. All the other windows you can resize or remove by clicking the top right box on the window. The map doesn’t have this.

Could you please tell me where to go to do this? I guess its in settings (options), and your reply will be less than 10 words lol :grin:

Thank you. Chris.

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Thank you a lot for the examples! This clears is up. Looks like an probably an error or at least a kind of abuse in the MSFS airport database.

PMM is the IATA code for Phanom Sarakham Airport but expected from the scenery library is the ICAO code. Doing some research it seems that the airport has not four letter ICAO code at all and Asobo simply stuffed PMM in there. Meh.

No idea if I can improve something there but you can change a setting to avoid the alternates:
In the “Hamburger” drop down menu button is an option Read trailing airports as alternates. Uncheck this and the problem should be gone.

Thank you for the kind words!

OptionsMapAllow to undcok map window. Makes dock window arranging more fiddly. Read the text below the checkbox before using this. :wink: Then you can detach the map from the main window.

There is also menu WindowFullscreen map or Shift+F11. This is not like a game fullscreen mode. It is still a window and you can Alt+Tab out.

Just try out what fits best.


10 words exceeded by far. :upside_down_face: