LittleNavMap/Navigraph Airac Cycle

I’m not sure I’m using the correct airac cycle in LittleNavMap. I’ve updated the scenery library but it still says Airac Cycle 1801. Should that 1801 change is what I’m wondering? I also updated the Navigraph Data Manager. Thanks for any help!

Until everything gets integrated into one app, there are two apps used to update Navigraph data. LNM uses the older FMS Data Manager.

Actual Airac cycle is 2210

2211 as of today :smiley:

Yes I know it’s 2211 but should the 1801 change? My LNM under scenery libarary still says 1801.

But did you use Navigraph FMS Data Manager to update Little Nav Map? Two separate apps.

@JohnSnyderJr I was pointing out the 2211 to another person. For you, see my response above… that link will take you directly to the page you need to get the FMS Data Manager, which will update LNM.

Ok, here’s a picture. Should this say 1801 or 2211?

You need to download the file from Navigraph - Navdata Manual Installation

This will update your Little Navmap Navigraph database to the latest 2211 cycle.

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Thanks so much, that solved my problem and updated my Navigraph :slight_smile:

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