Live players and AI traffic on one map?

Is there a way to distinguish live players from AI traffic on a map.

(don’t think there’s a map that shows both to begin with, is there?)

At this time only AI aircraft show on the vfr map.
You could check wish list, there may be one started for this.

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Its very easy to see, 747 doing barrel rolls, its a player, 747 that looks like its following a flightplan, its AI. 737 hovering around like a helicopter, its a player. GA planes that instantly comes your way after they spot you, its a player. Someone doing a “Tom Cruise busting the tower” in a bizjet, its a player. If its a GA plane, its a player because the live traffic doesnt have GA, atleast not from what I have seen. Also the AI useally dont fly under brigdes, or trying to land with 30 knots tailwind…:p.

So, its very easy to spot players


MP players don’t appear on your map. Any map, in fact. Only AI / Live traffic does.

The only exception is if you’re on a live ATC network like Vatsim where the network client injects other players’ planes into the sim via SimConnect. You will see those on your map.

I guess it’s time to start diving into VatSim.

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