Live reload does not work anymore

Hello, I have been trying to edit certain files which i edited before, specifically sound.xml. Before, all I had to do was make a change in the xml file, then i would go to the aircraft selector and would select the a320 and click load. This would reload my a320 with all the files changed and working. Now after this update I have changed the sound xml, live reloaded (it became like 10 times as fast) but it didn’t actually load the changes, all my sound.xml values were the same as before the changes. I tried restarting the whole flight which didn’t work either. It only works when actually restarting the ENTIRE SIM. I really don’t like this change as now I can develop sounds about 5 times as long. Even a small change like anything in sound xml requires you to restart your sim now. This is really awful for us developers, and if it is possible it would be great if in developer mode you could have a separate option to just reload the aircraft and its scripts. Please please please make it so we don’t have to restart the entire sim just to fix a tiny script.


DevTools -> New Project -> Ok -> Tools -> Aircraft Editor -> File -> Resync

Did you try that way?

never heard of that, let me try if that works

well actually i just realized this doesnt work because i am modifying the a32nx by FBW to try to do some sound changes, so this method doesn’t work for me

Same problem for me while working on the sound.xml.

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