Live traffic + AI GA traffic

I really miss that there is no Live traffic taxiing at the airports and there is no VFR small traffic under live traffic.
My request would be the possible live traffic + AI generated small General aviation (GA) traffic at the same time.
Live traffic above does not work does not show real-time taxi. My idea would be for the live traffic aircraft when you get off to take over the role of an AI generated aircraft and roll to a standstill. Conversely, if a aircraft is about to take off at a given time, roll to the runway beforehand and take off on the radar when it appears.
I don’t think it’s complicated. I hope you get the idea to the developers and ever implement it. If you need to add as many people as possible to post this post. Thanks

What do you mean it doesn’t work? Where?
I have live traffic on, and there are many airplanes on air, at parking, and taxiing.
Live traffic is working almost exactly as it shows on real airport schedules.
I have both commercial and GA planes.

So is this something wrong? With me, as soon as you get off a live traffic disappears from the taxiway and the terminals are empty there is never a taxi …

But otherwise what nicns on the radar under 3000 ft VFR flight nics flight plan those GA planes are not visible on the radar. They could be replaced by Ai-generated traffic

You don’t see any other airplanes after you have took of from airport?

Nothing. Empty all airport parking terminals. No taxi live traffic…
If land the live traffic airplane will disappear as soon as you reach the runway

Must be something wrong then… I have live traffic all the time, and they are landing and going, also taxiing as they should.

Thanks for checking this out. But it would be nice to be able to turn on the extra genertal aviaton traffic generated by AI to make airspace denser.

my gates are full, i see planes taxi and take off, but i also see some times planes land then disappear from the runway before taxi would start. kinda like in FSX when the airport had no stand large enough for the aircraft it would just disappear.

I have the same problem

Me too, no live air traffic either in the air or on the ground.

I just re-discovered this topic and I must say that it touches one aspect I really miss. General Aviation traffic. MSFS has so much potential for VFR flyers but I really miss those smaller Cessnas doing patterns or randomly flying from small airfield A to small airfield B. I mainly use MSFS for local VFR, and looking out for other traffic is an essential part of VFR flying.
So, please add some small VFR GA traffic.


Is live traffic only arrivals as I never seem to see any departure?

Please see this thread. No departing live AI traffic - Bugs & Issues / ATC & NAVAIDs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Thanks very much

Look here: Enhanced Live Traffic » Microsoft Flight Simulator