Live traffic has completely wrong type of airplanes


I dont know if anyone has the bug but its really strange for me.

Since SU15 i see wrong types of aircraft as live traffic. I often get to see normal Passenger Airliner Flights in a SU-22 Raptor fighter jet (ATC calls it Ryanair etc.) … and also i see too much ATRs on the Airports.

May the reason be that i have too much 3rd Party Addon Aircraft installed? Of course the bug is kind of funny… but also loses a portion of realism.

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I understand but since i didnt have this bug before SU15 i dont think its related to any special third party Aircraft.


I now see 737, and 738Max planes being shown as BN2 Islanders. :slight_smile:

There are many default 2 engine jets to pick from so why pick a prop plane!?