Live traffic landing wrong runways etc


Im using live traffic with IVAO matching addon and I am having an issue where the live traffic differs from that of flightradar in the way that some aircraft fly approaches and land on runways that they definately did not use in RL.

Anyone know what? Is it because MSFS AI takes over the live traffic and brings it to a random RWY and gate? Or whats going on?

I’m having the same trouble at EHAM where I’m currently at in my round the world tour.

Aircraft are landing and flying in all directions, when I came in to land on runway 24 in my little Cessna152, a generic passenger aircraft came and landed in the other direction at the same time.

Not cool.

I hope they sort this out in the planned updates to ATC in the near future.

It’s pure madness at Amsterdam right now.

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TBW I would wish that they gave us the option to completely disable the ATC function… Not all players have a need for it… If I want ATC I will use vatsim. Lets be given the option to disable it and save the performance for something else…

Live traffic should follow live info, end of story.

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Even though it’s “live” weather, real world conditions aren’t always accurately reflected in the sim. AI planes in the sim will be landed on runways in accordance to conditions in the sim, not what happened in the real world 15 minutes earlier. An AI plane me come in on a certain STAR to land on a particular runway, but ATC assigns them something completely different, meaning there’s traffic flying around willy nilly everywhere.

And unfortunately, ATC assigns YOU departure and approach runways based on the conditions from the world map when you set up your flight. If you take a look, you’ll see that world map conditions and in-sim conditions rarely match up. Particularly the wind direction. So it’s quite conceivable that ATC will be assigning you to land on a runway with AI traffic landing and taking off from the other end of the runway.

This is a core sim issue and has nothing to do with IVAO matching. It’s been like this for months now.

You can disable ATC. I have it disabled since almost the first week after release (I use Vatsim if I want ATC simulation, but I understand that is not for everyone).

You can only mute it i believe…

Yeah, sry miswrote the IVAO thing… it only matches models.

Core question / issue was as you mention the A.I interfering with the RW data for smooth finish and taxiing I guess.

Mute and disable so you neither hear nor see any pop up messages