Live Traffic never works?


I’ve noticed that some people get Live Traffic and others don’t. I used to until about 4 months ago, now I never get live traffic even if it says there should be. I’ve also checked the online status of FlightAware which says its up and running.

I’m using the Microsoft windows version and I don’t use the Developers mode.

In my settings I turn off both the generic models in the ‘Traffic’ section of the general settings when I use AIG Traffic and I have ‘real time’ traffic set.

Would it have anything to do with my computer?


Use AIG much better than the so called traffic!

Yes I use AIG Traffic. But still no live traffic. The developer of AIG says it must be to do with the sim as he has checked my log file for AIG and says its all ok.

I haven’t changed any of my insim settings people suggested turning all traffic off and when I done that I had the same issue as you.

Live traffic on
50% density

I’ve tried all sorts of combinations. Im getting the wrong countries airlines at the gates and no movement at all. Well, at least the models look nice.

Try working through these fixes on the Zendesk FAQ’s pages:

because you are using live traffic and a wrong ground aircraft density

I deleted all my addons such as FSEconomy, IVAO, simtoolkitpro, littlenav maps, navigraph etc etc and emptied my community folder. Basically cleaned the whole system.

  1. First I tried Real Live Traffic with 0% Airport Ground Density and not using AIG Traffic or the AIG models and using the MSFS generic models. No live traffic appeared in the sim.
  2. Then I tried AI Traffic Offline. 50% Airport Ground Density and the MSFS generic models. They were at the gate but no movement at all.
  3. Then I used AddonLinker so I could inject AIG models into the sim.
  4. I set it to Real Live Traffic with 50% Airport Ground Density. I turned off the generic models and I got the beautiful AIG models, but no movement still. I went from Sydney to LAX to try a different airport. Same result.
  5. This time I tried all the settings to off and 0% Airport Ground Density. And this time used the AIG Traffic Controller. Still no movement.
    So neither MSFS or AIG is able to move traffic, either AI Traffic or Real Live Traffic.
    With Live Traffic the arrivals boards are empty as well so the sim isn’t picking any up.
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If you’re missing Live Traffic, I noted some things you didn’t try;

  1. Upon emptying Community folder, delete Content.xml and restart. That rebuilds the xml file and ensures no Community dependencies were present (even though the folder is empty).

  2. Depending upon which store you bought the sim from, cycle out of MS-Store, XBox Live (web page) and log out of the sim. Log back in that order.

  3. While in the sim, switch between Live Traffic and Off (not Offline) and use the Flight Planning screen’s Live Airport Activity to see when the server starts feeding the Live Flight info. You will also see Green Dots start to appear in conjunction with the Flight Activity start to populate the Arrivals and Departures.

I actually did all three today to successfully troubleshoot Live Traffic today (got it working).

Where would I find the content.xml file?

Usually here, but may vary if you did a custom install of the sim:


Its working! How? I mean who? CasualClick, thankyou!

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Although its good to see some live traffic in the sim now, I’ve noticed its very hit and miss. You sometimes just get a few when in the real world the airport is alive and buzzing. Sometimes still non at all. And they seem to land on the opposite runway to real life. Do you find that?

FlightAware is mostly US based coverage, and not every plane seen from their web site feed is portrayed in the sim. In areas outside the US, the coverage can be sparse.

AI and ATC need work, you see this when an AI aircraft is ordered to Go Around, it just flies past the airport, circling at low altitude instead of performing a Missed Approach.

That’s why I bought Aerosoft Simple Traffic. At 35 percent slider using Offline AI traffic (injected by Simple Traffic), you get historically accurate flight plans, volumes of planes, full gates at major airports, and correct Livery. You will take an FPS penalty, but you can adjust it to taste. And you’ll actually see Departing Traffic if you’re at a big enough airport.

I’m glad Im not the only one experiencing these problems then. At least thanks to you I got some Real Live Traffic moving!

I use AIG as their models are superb, best I’ve seen in a simulator.

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